HR Block Logo“H&R Block invited Susan to speak and share her experiences at our annual Franchise Convention.   We believed it would be more impactful to have an ‘outsider’ but yet one who knew the franchise side of business to share his or her insights on succession planning.  Well, Susan was more than that!  Susan was an informative, energetic and thought-provoking speaker.  She connected at a powerful level with our
Amy McAnarney franchisees.  Her passionate, story-telling format helped the audience to connect-the-dots.  And, not just from an emotional base, but how certain elements made overall business sense (not just because your franchisor is asking you to do something)!  She did her homework on our business before she spoke with us, she made it a priority to interface with our franchisees/associates throughout our convention and was very accessible/approachable.  It was truly a  pleasure working with Susan, and we would welcome the opportunity to work with her again.”  Amy McAnarney, H&R Block – President, Retail Client Services

Great Clips Logo“The Great Clips system had another strong year of growth, in every aspect, throughout 2012: our franchisees are excited about the business, our fundamentals are solid, and customers continue to visit our salons at increasing levels. Susan Black-Beth helped kick-off 2012 with her inspiring presentation to the Great Clips co-op/market president’s meeting in January. This group of 150 market leaders, elected by their peers, serve in a voluntary capacity as Great Clips ambassadors to the 1,100 franchisees across the US and
Canada. Susan challenged them, in a way that only Susan can, to fill their passion bucket to the top…and keep it there even as
the hassles Great Clips 2of life constantly appear.  This was exactly the message we wanted delivered, and heard. Susan was a great kick-off to 2012 and she played a vital role reinforcing the beginnings of a great year!” Steve Hockett, COO, Great Clips

Interim-Logo“Susan’s keynote address at our September 2012 Franchise Business Conference in Arizona captured the essence of what leadership looks like. Her simple but profound examples of defining leadership behaviors and characteristics came to life when she recounted her experiences in her family owned Super Wash franchise.  Sometimes poignant, sometimes embarrassingly funny, she shared the five key tenets of passionate leadership in a way that hit home with our franchises. I didn’t realize just how deep her message went until after Hurricane Interim w KathleenSandy severely affected some of our New York and New Jersey franchises. When asked how they were coping with the natural disaster, they remarked that everyone had “pulled tarp” to keep patients and staff safe and carry on the business. Now that’s what I call a memorable keynote address!” Kathleen Gilmartin, CEO, Interim Healthcare

Dogtopia Logo“We asked Susan to be the keynote speaker at our annual conference this past year. I previously 
heard Susan speak several times and had always been moved by her attitude and experience in managing professional change. On this particular day, we were preparing to announce a major restructuring of our company; we felt that she was the perfect speaker to prepare the crowd.  She brought the same level of energy and passion to the group I have witnessed with every speech she gives and assisted in setting the foundation for our conference.

Having an effective professional speaker is more than just the delivery of the message itself with all of the necessary coordination and execution of the details.  Having worked with a lot of speakers over the years, I can say that there is a large variance in the ease of communication and maintenance necessary for public speakers.  The overwhelming feedback from my team was that Susan was a pleasure to work with from beginning to end.  Her professionalism was evident in each step of the planning process from her clear and responsive communication, down to earth attitude and humble spirit.  Susan communicated directly with us, ensuring that expectations were clear and the planning process was streamlined.  Thank you, Susan, and I look forward to working with you again!”  Jakob Hunt, VP of Operations, Dogtopia

MR Rooter“Susan did a fabulous job as the keynote speaker for our Mr. Rooter annual convention.  We had her close out the event so that our Mr Rooter Logofranchisees would leave on a high note.  And that they did!  Her focus on filling your passion buckets and leading with passion was exactly the message they needed to hear.”  Mary Thompson, President, Mr. Rooter

Glass Doctor Logo“When it came time for Glass Doctor to put together our meeting agenda for our portion of The Dwyer Group’s Reunion this year we discussed if we should add an outside speaker.  It had been a year of change for us and I knew there would be one person imminently qualified to speak on the subject – Susan!  Susan did a great job addressing our franchisees.  Because she’s been a franchisee, she connects very well with franchisees!  Instead of a traditional keynote, we had Susan address our entire group for approximately 30 minutes on the subject of change.  After that all corporate staff left the room so Susan could speak to the franchisees directly, and get their honest feedback, without fear of any repercussions.  It was a very positive experience for everyone!  I recommend Susan wholeheartedly as a speaker for your upcoming event!”   Mark Liston, President, Glass Doctor

“The attendees of our conference loved Susan’s speech.  It was tailored perfectly for the audience and had many great take-aways.  Her passion for the franchise sector is infectious.” Andy Phipps, Investors Management Corporation

“Susan’s presentation was one of the highlights of our conference. She combined her substantial experience and understanding of franchising with a fun and energetic presentation. Each attendee left with pearls of wisdom they could apply in their business.” Ritchie Taylor, Manning Fulton & Skinner